ServicingThe best services at your disposal.


The Best services at your disposal.

All washes conducted at company A J Monteiro are carried out with guarantee of use certified products.

Specifically when washing the interiors of refrigerators, cleaning and disinfection are carried out according to the current regulations, with the use of the appropriate bactericidal disinfectant.

The heating of containers is always by steam or electricity. We have the capacity to perfom multiple heating services simultaneously.

In all our services that require a document to certify the washing and/or heating was carried out by us, that certification is provide as soon as the service is completed.


Our services are:

       * Exterior washes and/or lower heavy cars, tanks and/or containers, bathtubs, containers, etc. ...

       * Washing of interiors of refrigerated boxes

       * Washing of interiors of tarps

       * Washing of interiors of tanks/containers

       * Heating tanks and/or containers of chemicals and/or food tanks und Lebensmitteltank;